Cryoskin FAQ

Since we’ve brought Cryoskin treatments to Elixir we’ve helped many guests reach their body and facial goals with this exciting, non-invasive technology. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions we’ve received about the Cryoskin technology and services.


Do Cryoskin results last?

If you’re living a healthy lifestyle (meaning eating well, being regularly active, and maintaining weight), you can expect your results to last for years to come! We recommend checking in 6 months post-treatment and coming in for maintenance sessions as needed. As results are cumulative, Cryoskin technology works best when we treat rapidly and to completion. A few treatments here or there will not be as effective, so we’re adamant about creating effective treatment plans at Elixir that get you to YOUR goals. We’re also sticklers about educating you on every possible supportive treatment, practice, and habit that will give you an edge to get even better results. Cryoskin is truly a partnership with your practitioner, working together is going to yield the best possible results! And we don’t want anything less for you.


Did you know that if you refer 3 people to Elixir that purchase Cryoskin, you earn a free session for yourself? What a great way to stay on top of that maintenance! 


What’s the difference between CryoSlimming®and CryoToning®?

Cryoskin provides two unique technologies under its umbrella. One is CryoSlimming®. CryoSlimming® triggers a process in the body called apoptosis, which is basically a fancy word for cell death. It targets the subcutaneous fat cells (the soft fluffy fat we can pinch between our fingers) in a process that will cause them to crystallize and break down in the days following treatment. In the weeks following, the broken-down cell waste will be passed through our lymphatic and waste systems and those fat cells will be gone for good. Because of this process, we can only treat with Cryoslimming® once every 2 weeks, so your body has time to process. You can treat almost any area of the body with CryoSlimming, except the buttocks, female breasts, and the face.

The second technology is CryoToning. This technology creates an environment in the tissues where the process of producing your own natural collagen is basically put on overdrive throughout the layers of the dermis. CryoToning®will serve to plump, tighten, and tone skin that was already slack or had been made slack by fat removal. It can safely be used on the face and buttocks for incredible lifting results. The CryoFacial is one of my personal favorites, read about my experience with it here. CryoToning®can be performed much more frequently, even multiple times a week. 

Is Cryoskin worth it?

Our clients say yes! If you want to see real, dramatic results but are unwilling to go under the knife or use treatments that are painful, invasive, or require downtime – then Cryoskin will provide the value you’re looking for. Many of our guests have purchased additional packages after completing the first one because they are so happy with the results and want to improve another area of concern. Check out these before and after photos to see what’s possible!

How long does Cryoskin take to work?

When it comes to body contouring, we always recommend a minimum of 5 services, which can take 2 weeks to 10 weeks to complete. However, it totally depends on where your body is at and what your specific needs and goals are, and if combining slimming and toning will get you the best results. This is why setting up a consultation is so important. After doing a full body assessment, we’ll create a personalized treatment plan for YOU specifically.

Who can perform Cryoskin?

Elixir’s Cryoskin practitioners have gone through extensive training and a certification process through the Cryoskin machine distributor. Ample testing and practice happen prior to a practitioner ever providing services for our guests. Elixir practitioners also have backgrounds in massage and aesthetics, which elevate their skills with Cryo even more. They are true artists who approach each body as a unique canvas and work to make the most impactful changes based on what changes would be most meaningful to you, symmetry, and balance.  Please note that not everyone that offers Cryoskin services is a licensed massage therapist or esthetician at other locations.  While it is not required by law, Elixir feels the additional license and experience of these professionals are essential for a quality experience.

How is Cryoskin done? What is the service like?

Cryoskin is administered while you lie comfortably on a massage table. A special gel is applied to the skin that allows the machine head to glide easily and increases the efficacy of the machine alone. The head of the machine is applied to the area treated in a flushing, massage-like motion. The cold head of the machine is followed by a massage with the practitioner’s hand, which quickly warms the area treated and makes this treatment feel very relaxing to receive. If the four static heads are used they are placed in position and held in place for the duration of the treatment using an elastic band. Usually, body treatments last for about 20-40 minutes, depending upon the areas being treated.

Can you get Cryoskin services when you are pregnant or breastfeeding?

We can totally understand why new mamas would be interested in Cryoskin! Talk about speeding up that bounce back. That being said, we cannot perform ANY Cryoskin during pregnancy, or CryoSlimming® while breastfeeding (but we do have some other great services for expectant parents). The CryoSlimming® process uses the body’s lymphatic system and that can actually impact the quality of a mother’s milk, so we want to make sure your baby is safe and wait until they are done breastfeeding. CryoToning®, however, is a safe and effective way to immediately begin treating slackened and loose skin. Once done breastfeeding, the full mommy makeover can begin!

Why should I come to Elixir for Cryoskin treatments?

Elixir uses the most current and advanced Cryoskin technology, the Cryoskin Revolution®, it gets colder faster and maintains the proper temperatures for optimum results.  Using both the wand and the 4 static heads we can perform both toning and slimming sessions together for most clients within a single session offering a speedier result for many.  Your treatments are performed by trained and experienced licensed technicians. We offer numerous additional services and products beyond Cryoskin to help you achieve and maintain your contouring and toning goals. We partner with you from the beginning and throughout the process to be sure you get the best possible results. Elixir has a solid reputation and loyal clientele.  Our company has been a leader in non-invasive and natural spa services for over 15 years in Denver. Be sure to read our online reviews and testimonials.

What’s the difference between Cryoskin and Liposuction?

Both give you permanent results.  Cryoskin is non-surgical and non-invasive.  Lipo is major surgery with the potential for risks and complications. There is no downtime with Cryoskin. Lipo requires a week of downtime and 6 weeks until you can exercise. Cryoskin doesn’t leave you with scars.  Lipo has the potential for scarring because it is surgery. Cryoskin tightens skin.  Lipo does not treat excess skin. Cryoskin is cost-effective and Lipo is significantly more costly, both for the procedure and the recovery time.


Have more Cryoskin questions? Give us a call and set up your own Cryoskin consultation today.