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About Elixir Mind Body Massage

From the moment you step through the door, you’ll be made to feel pampered and never rushed. Our experienced team of licensed and specially trained massage therapists will customize your visit to meet your particular needs. Memberships are available so you may enjoy regular massages at a very affordable price. An exciting selection of natural retail products and gifts are enough to stop in for alone. Our company culture supports our guest’s healthy lifestyle. Our services provide a powerful link between feeling good and being well. Come visit us soon!

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Why ChooseElixir Mind Body Massage?

Superior, knowledgeable, specially trained and caring team of Massage Therapists and Concierges.

Each massage is personalized for individual guest’s needs; whether it be for stress relief, pain management, increased athletic performance or a special occasion, we can give you what you need and want. Our massage therapists work with guests to educate them in ways to maintain their health beyond the massage by making recommendations for stretches and products that will enhance their well being beyond our doors.

We offer an extensive menu of a variety of classic and unique specialty massages and packages, something for everyone.

Relaxing, comfortable and chic yet unpretentious space with fountains, aromatherapy and meditative music. We offer an appealing environment for both men and women.

Massage should be affordable so that you can make it a regular part of your healthy lifestyle just like eating right or exercising. Our standard prices are extremely competitive and we also offer Elixir Wellness Memberships that provide exceptional value and are rich in VIP benefits.


I am committed to our guests, our team and our vision as a company. I believe in what we do at Elixir, and strive to cultivate loyalty in my guests and as an employee to the benefit of all.


I take ownership for my actions, and the outcomes those actions produce. I take ownership for the things that happen both in my personal and professional life, and I view life as a journey to be enjoyed. I am in charge of my performance and contribute my valuable ideas and skills to better our offerings and operations.


I always strive to be professional, reliable, trustworthy and honest, because I understand that our image as a company is only as good as each team member’s behavior and habits. I model the behavior I expect from others.


I take care of myself and make time for work and play, physical and intellectual, knowing that a balanced approach to life keeps me in optimal mental and bodily health. I bring a positive attitude to work and maximize the potential of each day.


I am committed to continually educating myself, and in turn educating our guests whether in products, service or care that may benefit them. I share knowledge with my team mates to improve our overall ability to serve our guests.


I am consistent in communicating with my guests, team mates and management. When in doubt, I communicate- with clarity and professionalism. I voice my needs, concerns and appreciation.

Passion and Pride

I love what I do, and choose to be a part of making a difference in people’s daily lives and this community. It’s my prerogative to strive for excellence in my work, and my pride that that carries over to our company image and culture.