The Elixir AntiVirus

Lasting 90 minutes, ranging from $160-$190

Aromatherapy and Lymphatic Massage-there’s no better way to stay healthy this season. This treatment starts with a full body Aromatherapy massage, including dry brushing to stimulate lymph…

$25 towards ARCONA products with 60 minute facial

Getting regular facials is just part of a regime for healthy skin, the skincare you use at home makes a huge difference, too. 

Refer 3 Get 1 FREE

You love how Elixir makes you feel, now when you share that love with others you can earn a FREE 60 minute Elixir Massage just by referring 3 new guests to Elixir!

NUFACE GOLD TRINITY Complete Skin Toning Collection

This NuFace Gold Trinity Pro Collection enhances facial contour, tone and radiance with the power of microcurrent technology + firming and hydrating essentials.

Massage and Facial Package

Deeply relaxing and great for whole body health. Combining two amazing treatments does great things for both the body and the mind. 

$50 Facials

Save Face, Money and Time with any of Elixir's stellar 30 minute Facial Services for just $50.

Elixir Exercise Band

Don’t let this simplistic exercise tool fool you! The stretchy fitness band offers full-body strength benefits for an efficient, no-excuses workout.

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