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Saunas had been around for centuries as an ancient method of cleansing the body. Traditionally, they were unbearably hot, steamy rooms in which breathing can be difficult. As science and technology evolved, so did this healing mechanism. Using infrared technology, a specific wavelength from the sun could be harnessed into soothing, healing light therapy. Instead of the uncomfortable extreme heat of traditional saunas infrared saunas feel more like you’re laying in the sun on a summer day. A great addition to any service or great on its own too!

Health Benefits


•      Improve Heart Health, Lower Blood Pressure
•      Boost Immune System, Increased Circulation
•      Sleep Better, Relaxation
•      Recover from Training, Muscle Recovery
•      Boost Metabolism and Fat Loss
•      Sweat Out Toxins
•      Experience Bliss and Beat Stress
•      Slow Down Aging, Cell Health
•      Enjoy Deep Tissue Relief, Cell Health, Wound Healing

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