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Elixir Mind Body Massage, is a healthy hybrid of spa and clinic focusing on holistic wellness and therapeutic services. We are an established, award winning, local massage and facial spa with an exceptional reputation (not a national franchise). Our experienced team of licensed and specially trained massage therapists and estheticians will customize your visit to meet your particular needs.

Our Elixir Series offers an opportunity to enjoy our services at a discounted price. Each series is offered at multiple price tiers to accommodate any budget. Series of 3 are valid for 6 months, series of 6 are valid for 1 year and a series of 12 is good for 2 years.  All sauna series are good for 6 months.

Elixir Infrared Sauna Series

Woman in Infrared sauna

Although saunas have been popular for centuries, they are not often thought of for treatments in traditional medicine.  Generally, saunas have been unbearably hot, steamy rooms in which breathing can be difficult. But the saunas of today have technologically evolved from the harsh, 200°+ rooms they originated from to a soothing, healthy heat.  Infrared technology brings forth a therapeutic sauna treatment that is not only relaxing but also clinically shown beneficial for your health. These saunas also help eliminate toxins, further supporting the healing process.  This is one of the many reasons why infrared sauna therapy is one of the fastest-growing wellness therapies.  Regular frequent use increases the benefits, especially for chronic or goal specific conditions.

Elixir Sauna Series

Choose from 2 series to fit your budget

$145 - series of 8
($95 in savings)

$180- series of 12
($180 in savings)

Elixir Massage Series

Based on traditional Swedish massage techniques developed nearly two centuries ago, the Elixir massage features firm, yet calming pressure that increases circulation, eases muscle tension, and improves flexibility. Let your therapist know what your body is experiencing and they’ll combine multiple modalities and pressures to suit your needs.

Elixir 60 Minute Massage Series

Choose from 2 series to fit your budget

$570 - series of 6 ($90 in savings)

$1140 - series of 12 ($180 in savings)

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When you walk through the doors of Elixir, you’ll leave the world outside. The sound of relaxing music, the scent of specially chosen essential oils, and the warmth of a scented neck wrap will envelop you as Elixir’s award-winning team provides you with that powerful link between feeling good and being well.

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