Relief for your hands and feet

A system of massage used to ease tension and treat illness throughout the body; this treatment focuses on pressure points and energy zones in the hands and feet linked to corresponding organs and systems. As relaxing as it is beneficial, this treatment is ideal for anyone spending lots of time on their feet, uses their hands excessively, or needs an immunity boost.

It is also a perfect way to provide healing to areas of the body that cannot receive traditional massage. Elixir’s own emollient Body Butter infused with Elixir’s exclusive detoxifying Cleanse Essential Oil serves to soften hands and feet and promote whole body health.

Guest Rates

Elixir’s award winning provides the link between feeling good and being well at an affordable rate.
30 Minutes - $70
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Massage Enhancements

Intensify and customize your massage experience with our Massage Enhancements

Each massage is personalized for individual guest’s needs. Whether you are visiting for stress relief or pain management, increasing your athletic performance or recovery time, we can provide the experience you’re looking for. Your experience can be customized to suit your needs with our unique add-ons we like to call our Massage Enhancements.

Specialty Massage Oils

Add specialty oils for $12

Dry Brushing

Adds 15 minutes to massage time for $35

Hot Stone Enhancement

Adds 15 minutes to massage time for $30

CBD Massage Oil

Add CBD oil for $35