Introducing the new owners of Elixir Mind Body Massage

Symmetry 360 Massage

In 2008, two visionary massage therapists, Kina Ueda, and Celeste O’Brien, embarked on a journey that shared the important message of self-care and nurturing. With a shared passion for the healing arts and a deep understanding of the human body, they founded Symmetry360 in Denver. Starting their business in a single room within a Pilates studio, their venture has since flourished into four Symmetry 360 locations across Colorado.  They continue to strive to be a beacon of wellness and empowerment as they add one more studio with the unique Elixir Mind Body Massage brand.

Both Kina and Celeste hold degrees in massage therapy, specializing in therapeutic and sports massage. Together they see massage not just as a luxury escape, but as a vital component in nurturing health and wellbeing. They believe in the transformative power of touch in alleviating both physical and emotional pain, enabling individuals to unlock their best selves.

Their journey with Symmetry360 is a testament to their belief that the human body is a marvel, and its potential, when nurtured, is limitless. This belief was the cornerstone upon which Symmetry was founded and continues to thrive.

As leaders, Kina and Celeste have cultivated a community of like-minded professionals who share their vision of the healing arts’ positive impact. Their growth from a single room to multiple locations across Denver, with a team of over 60, reflects their commitment to their mission and their community.


Elixir and Symmetry, better together

After 15 years, their focus has expanded to mentoring other business owners, sharing their wealth of experience to foster resilience and success in others. Their support extends to fellow healing practitioners, amplifying their mission and empowering the community.

Elixir Mind Body Massage exteriorIt is this mission that led them to reach out to Elixir’s founder, Sandy Stroehmann, about buying the studio, to keep this long-time neighborhood fixture open.  Because of the mutual respect, shared leadership values, similar business culture, and their long-term successes, it was an easy choice.  The Elixir brand, you know and love,  will remain the same.  Kina and Celeste will bring new vital energy to the studio to continue and improve upon the vision that Sandy always had for this special place.


A little about Celeste and Kina

Celeste O’Brien

Celeste’s path to massage therapy was a quest for purpose, leading her to discover its profound impact on physical and mental well-being. Her journey has been one of personal and professional growth, shaping her into a business leader passionate about creating a thriving, supportive environment for therapists and staff.

An embodiment of vitality, Celeste’s life is a blend of physical activity and continuous learning. Whether it’s dance, outdoor adventures, or immersing herself in personal development and business literature, she embodies the fiery spirit of passion and action.

Elixir Mind Body Massage Owner, KinaKina Ueda

Kina’s connection to massage therapy stems from personal experiences with chronic pain, sparking a fascination with the human body and its healing capabilities. She recognized the industry’s need for a community that balances individual care with collaborative growth. Her vision has been instrumental in creating a nurturing environment for therapists and clients alike. Thoughtful and strategic in her approach to business she is always striving to grow and improve operations and support people in being the best version of themselves.