What’s The Damage? The OBSERV 320 A Peek Into Your Skin’s Past, Present, and Future

The age of social media has birthed a new approach to skincare. Professional knowledge is readily available and there are more products than ever to choose from! It seems like every celebrity has their own brand of skincare that they *swear* they use personally and is the cause of their perfect skin. Cue the eye rolls. We are learning more and more about self-care all the time and our culture is increasingly connecting health with beauty. At Elixir, we love this trend! And we know that a beautiful face starts with both a mindset and skin that are healthy and happy. 

man getting facial

But how do we know exactly what to do to treat and protect our skin as we age? There are more products and services than ever before that all promise amazing results, but are they right for you? At Elixir, you know we value natural, non-invasive and effective solutions. So our advanced aesthetics menu is built around that – with solutions for skin of every type and age. AND, we’ve brought on a special tool to help anyone understand what’s going on beneath the surface of their skin so that we can plan an effective and individualized treatment plan specifically for YOUR skin.

Meet the OBSERV 320. It might look like a space-age head transplant machine, but it uncovers the layers of your skin and shows us exactly where your damage is and what your skin needs most. It’s a diagnostic tool that uses sophisticated skin illumination technology to understand in detail what’s going on beneath the surface of the facial skin. We can get real insight (and imaging) into your skin’s firmness, texture, inflammation and redness, sun damage, and hyperpigmentation. Armed with this knowledge, you are able to spend your money only on treatments and products that will be effective for your skincare needs. Because despite what our mothers taught us, a traditional European facial every month or every quarter may not be what will give you the most bang for your skincare buck. 

OBSERV 320 being used by esthetician to get facial analysis photos for client

I recently had my own skin analyzed with the OBSERV 320 and was shocked to discover the amount of sun damage lying beneath the surface of my otherwise pretty decent-looking 39-year-old skin. Growing up in sunny California, living in the Mile High City and my lack of proper sunscreen usage, especially in my early years took its toll. I learned that our Elixir Ultimate Peel would be the key to treating that before it showed up on my face. And as someone who has struggled with rosacea since my teen years, I was able to see the measurable difference in my skin’s inflammation levels before and after one of our game-changing Cryofacials. It was truly amazing! 

My skincare regimen before Elixir was based on what my friends liked using, or buying products that contained the most current “miracle ingredient” that I saw on IG or in a beauty mag whether or not it was actually what I needed. I’m sure some of you can relate. I didn’t have the insight or knowledge to know what I could utilize to make real change. But now I do. And you can too! Schedule your own skin analysis today and stop wasting your money on ineffective or mismatched skincare and services that aren’t getting you the results you want and deserve. Your future skin will thank you.

photos of the 4 levels of skin analysis from the Oberserv 320