7 Reasons why Self Care is Important to Your Mind and Body

Why take care of yourself? The question almost sounds comical because so many answers immediately come to mind. Of course, we all have our own favorite reasons for getting a therapeutic massage, sitting in a deeply relaxing sauna, receiving a pro-level facial from a trained practitioner, or using products like Relief Balm, aromatherapy, or massage rollers for the DIY approach.

Why is Self Care So Important?

Some of the benefits of self-care are more obvious than others. The following seven might not be on your radar, but they should be because self-care is health care. And paying attention to long-term health and wellness can mean getting more enjoyment out of life and living longer.

1. Self Confidence

When you feel good inside and out, people notice a certain inner confidence in the way you speak, act, carry yourself and interact. Think: How did you feel the last time you spent several hours at a spa getting a deep tissue massage, receiving an enzyme peel facial, and following it all up with a long, relaxing session in the sauna? Chances are, you exude self-confidence and good health the minute you walk out of the studio.

2. Self Awareness

Giving ourselves some special time and attention every so often makes us more aware of our bodies, and more apt to notice when something is wrong and needs medical attention.

3. Physical and Mental Resilience:

Something as simple as a relaxing therapeutic massage, for example, can deliver multiple mental and physical benefits, including lower anxiety levels and more restful sleep.

4. Better Sleep

If you’ve ever had a facial and then spent time in an infrared sauna, you know first-hand that self-care can lead to a good night’s sleep. But regular self-care sessions that include things like trigger point massage, chakra massage, or a steam-and-aromatherapy massage can make deep sleep a nightly occurrence.

5. It’s Social

Self-care can be a way to socialize with friends while sitting in a warm sauna, getting a couples massage, or receiving any kind of bodywork as a duo. Some couples and groups of friends even make an afternoon of a monthly or weekly self-care ritual.

6. Banishment of Stress

Massage, facials, saunas, and other kinds of self-care diminish stress, which accounts for more than 70 percent of all doctor visits, according to the American Institute of Stress.

7. Healthy Skin

Want clear skin? Self-care in the form of infrared therapy, massage, and therapeutic facials can go a long way toward making your skin not only look great but reverse the damage done by the sun, stress, and pollution.

Elixir Mind Body Massage Knows Self Care Inside and Out

Now that you know why self-care is so essential for a full, long life, why not find out more? At Elixir Mind Body Massage, we take your wellness seriously.

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