10 Minutes Makes a Striking Difference

I have an event coming up, and I’ve been feeling like I just haven’t been looking my best. Things have been a little stressful the last month or so, and I even commented to my best friend how old and tired I felt I was looking lately. I’ve been doing some facial yoga, which has helped some, but still felt my face didn’t look as bright and fresh as I’d like it to.

So last night I remembered my NuFace device I bought from Elixir Mind Body Massage over 4 years ago (this thing has gotten some use). Somehow, I had fallen out of using it and it had been sitting under my bathroom sink for months. I pulled it out and let it charge, and then used it on my face for about 20 minutes. It’s easy to use, you just hold the two metal nodes in place strategically or pull them along certain areas- depending on what you’re targeting. There’s a little beep that guides you as far as timing, and loads to YouTube videos to teach you different positioning.

10 minutes later…what a difference! I looked like I had a 20 hour nap, a venti latte and 2 years of stress shaved off. I was floored. Even after having the NuFace so long, I am still impressed by what it can do (and it still works as well as when I bought it). My favorite move is the one that lifts the eyebrows, it takes away that tired look in just a couple minutes. And if you have big lids like me, it’s a lifesaver. Also, lifting and shaping the cheekbones while softening the nasolabial folds around the mouth is a winner. And I always finish the face with my little trick, a few holds each on my upper and lower lip for a perfectly plumped pout.

The NuFace works by delivering a low level electrical current (microcurrent) to the tissues and muscles under the skin, effectually ‘working out’ the tiny muscles of the face. Because they need that if they’re going to stay toned and lifted, just like the larger muscles of the body. The good news is, because those facial muscles are so little, and NuFace is so effective, you see results immediately. It also works to promote natural collagen production, and my skin always looks brightened and even after I use it.

I always tell my friends, the NuFace is the absolute best bang for your buck in terms of beauty products.  Elixir Mind Body Massage also has a full facial lift service, so you can try before you buy and get expert advice on how to use it. Quick, effective and no down time. See for yourself!

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