What Is A Toner, And Why Should I Use It?

A common question I get asked is, “What is a toner, and why should I use it?” The simple answer is, a toner is the step after cleansing in which you help bring your skin back to the proper pH so that products can penetrate better. Depending on the toner, it will also add much needed moisture and hydration to the skin. After the cleansing process, there is a shift in the pH due to the removal of “good” and “bad” bacteria affecting the acidity and alkalinity of the skin. Essentially, a toner will ensure the acidity and alkalinity of the skins surface remain in a neutral state in order to maintain balance in the function and health of the skin.

Imagine trying to put a serum or moisturizer onto a dry sponge. Not only does it not feel very good, but it’s a bit of a challenge to get those products to penetrate beyond the surface. If you were to then get the sponge wet and try to apply those same products you would get a much more effective result. A toner brings the skin back to life with much needed hydration and balancing properties and allows whatever you put on after it to be much more effective. The toner in this example is the water penetrating the sponge, and that’s what a toner is.. a facial water infused with other ingredients to help balance, regenerate, or hydrate the skin depending on the needs of your skin type.

Not all toners are created equal and some of them can be incredibly drying. Any toner that contains alcohol will inevitably be drying and thus creates more of an imbalance leading to more problems. Obviously, this is not recommended, even for the oiliest of skin types. Toners come in a variety of forms meant to be used for various skin types, but some of them are universal as well. A toner like the ARCONA Cranberry toner is a wonderful option for everyone when considering adding this step to your skin care program. The Cranberry toner contains ingredients like rice milk and white tea that help nourish and protect the skin while infusing moisture and softness as well.

The most impressive thing about the cranberry toner, which comes in both a liquid formula that you can pour onto a cotton pad, or already infused into pads in a practical travel safe container; is that it is so much more than a toner. It can also be used as a cleanser and for deep hydration. There are many nights that none of us have the energy to even wash our face, but this can be a great option for those times. I often suggest these as an alternative to facial wipes as many facial wipes on the market can be chock full of harmful ingredients. It is a lovely option for those who prefer a simpler night time routine and don’t always want to fuss with a cleanser. Many of my clients love to throw the travel packs in a gym bag to freshen up after a workout, or pop them in your travel bag for an easy way to feel clean on the go. There are so many ways to use this product, it almost seems silly not to include it in your routine!

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