5 Ways To Keep Your Skin Hydrated During Cold & Flu Season

Cold and Flu season can do a number on your body, but you may be seeing significant effects on your skin too. I am currently writing this blog post from my bed as I nurse myself back to health. Thankfully I haven’t been this sick in a while, but I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and realized I definitely could use a couple of these reminders for myself, as I reach for another tissue.

The simplest rule is to stop using any products with AHA or BHA’s. Those are your retinols, your acids (glycolic, salicylic, lactic, etc..) and your harsh skin strippers. You don’t want to aggravate your already irritated skin. While the last thing you may feel like doing is caring for your skin, reach for gentler products like ARCONA’s Kiwi Cleansing Bar or Four o’clock Flower Hydrator.


  1. HUMIDIFIER: If you live in Colorado and don’t have a humidifier, you’re missing out. No judgments but seriously, go get a humidifier. It doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective, just make sure you get one that isn’t too complicated to clean and it’s easy to fill. I like to keep mine right by my bed all year round for extra hydration and cooling benefits.  Common decongestants will dehydrate the skin, leaving it parched and dry, so a humidifier is a very easy way to add some moisture to your depleted skin and lifestyle.
Another benefit of using a humidifier is that you may be able to prevent the spread of the flu. I read a study that showed that a virus is 32% less likely to survive when relative humidity is between 40% and 60%. A home in the winter can drop to a 15% humidity level, but a humidifier can boost this up significantly.


  1. FACE MASK: This can literally save face.  Anything with natural humectants and water-based ingredients are the best for our climate in general, but especially when you are sick.  ARCONA’s Wine Hydrating Mask is an excellent choice or even a simple application of the ARCONA’s Hydrating Serum and a cool towel can calm the most sensitive skin. And don’t forget to re-use your tea bags as a compress for under your eyes (just be sure you steep the tea bags and remove them before drinking the tea, so you don’t contaminate the tea bags).  I also like to keep a facial spray close by for a cooling and refreshing boost of hydration. ARCONA’s Lavender Hydrosol spritz is one of my all-time favorites, the scent alone will help uplift your mood! I always have this in my purse too, to freshen up when needed.


  1. AROMATHERAPY: Eucalyptus essential oil is the best thing to have on hand for a cold. This is a very potent essential oil. It contains a high amount of the oxide called eucalyptol, which loosens mucus secretions, relaxes muscles, and opens the airways for easier breathing, so never apply it directly to the skin. Eucalyptus added to a bowl of hot water and then putting a towel over your head to steam yourself will do wonders for heavy congestion, challenged breathing or a raspy voice. Adding several drops to a bath or shower will open up your nasal passages and allow you to breathe freely if only for a little while. Be sure to utilize deep breathing techniques to maximize the benefits  Blends that include Eucalyptus are just as effective, consider Elixir Mind Body Botanical Essential Oils for your cold and flu needs.


  1. HYDRATE: Where drinking water becomes the most helpful is not actually for making your skin appear more hydrated, but for keeping fluids running through your system to flush away toxins and keep your internal temperature down while you’re sick.  Keep those fluids coming!



  1. KEEP MOISTURE ON YOUR NOSE (AND LIPS) AT ALL TIMES: From repeated blowing of the nose and friction of the tissue (even tissue that has added moisturizer), the nose area can quickly become red, dry and irritated. After every blow, apply a small amount of cream or facial oil to the nose area. This will provide instant comfort and prevent more damage to the skin. ARCONA Wine Oil or Magic Dry Ice are both a great option for correcting both the lack of oil and lack of hydration deep within your skin and actually repair the skin’s lipid moisture barrier to make your skin moist, supple, and smooth.  A dab of polysporin can be a great option too for a quick fix.



If you can muster up the energy, these expert tips really can help you look better when you’re not feeling your best. Feel better!