15 Products To Create a Spa Sanctuary in Your Own Home

Have you ever wanted to turn your home into your own personal spa? It sounds like a crazy question, but you can do it. Millions of health-conscious consumers build up an arsenal of self-care products, learn how to use them, and turn their own homes into centers of rejuvenating, healthful living.

How to get started? Here are 15 suggestions to get those neurons stimulated:

1. Essential Oils

Who doesn’t love essential oils? No one, that’s who. Choose from your favorites, including lavender and other popular single notes or blends for rejuvenating aromas that take the edge off of a busy or stressful day.  Essential oils can be used in a bath, a diffuser, or add to your favorite body oil.

2. Antioxidant Masks

When you want the very best for your skin, an antioxidant mask can get the job done. Not only do these unique products supply your delicate facial skin with essential vitamins, but they also work to protect your face from pollution and sun damage.

Woman in facial mask with cup of coffee

3. Sugar Scrub

Cleanse your skin the natural way with a sugar scrub that not only gives you a healthful glow but delivers a powerful dose of rejuvenation to tired, dry skin.

Woman using body scrub on her legs in bathroom

4. Massage & Body Oils

There’s nothing like using high-quality, aromatic oils for massages, body rubs, and after-bath moisturizing routines.

Woman using body oil after her bath

5. Warm/Cold Eye Masks

If you like the idea of losing the puffiness and redness around your eyes, these masks can work wonders. Plus, your entire face will feel better after a heating/cooling session.

Woman using gel eye mask

6. Posture Seats

Help your back out when you’re working from home (or binging the latest crime documentary) with an ergonomically designed posture seat. These seats are ideal for helping you achieve a balanced posture while seated for both long and short periods of time.

Backjoy Core Traction Posture Seats

7. Trigger-Point Massager

You need no license to use the hook-shaped, trigger-point massage tool that helps you reach any point on your entire body with ease.

Man using RAD roller on back for trigger point therapy

8. Pain Relief Balm

Topical balms can be one of the smartest, safest ways to get drug-free pain relief for headaches, backaches, and other muscular and body bummers.

Elixir Mind Body Botanicals Relief Gel B&A

9. Lip Balm

Why not use a “smart” lip balm that protects and heals your lips in addition to making them feel smooth and naturally moist?

Woman applying Elixir Mind Body Botanicals Lip Balm to her lips in mirror

10. Soaking Salts

Create your own hot mineral bath at home to help banish stress and aches with aromatherapy soaking salts.

Woman preparing bath with Elixir Mind Body Botanicals Mineral Soaking Salts

11. Mud Mask

Mud masks are a great way to deliver powerful healing and gentle exfoliation to your facial skin.

Woman and man with Elixir Mind Body Botanicals mud mask

12. CBD Bath Bomb

Drop a CBD bath bomb into your next warm bath to combine the luxury of a moisturizing soak with the healing strength of CBD.

Elixir Mind Body Botanical Bath Bombs

13. CBD Body Cream

Soothe aches and pain topically and naturally with CBD body cream.

CBD topical cream

14. Body Brush

Use a high-quality body brush to stimulate circulation and exfoliate the skin naturally and gently. Stimulate your lymph system for whole-body health.

Woman dry brushing her skin

15. Gift Card

Want to give a gift that is guaranteed to please? Opt for an Elixir Mind Body Massage gift card and the recipient can choose from their favorite spa products and services.

Elixir Mind Body Massage Gift Card

Start To Create Your Personal Spa Today

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