5 Ways to Care For Yourself Without Feeling Selfish

Do you know the difference between self-care and selfishness? There’s an easy way to tell. Nearly everything related to self-care is good for you in some way. Things like massage, using moisturizer, relaxing in an infrared sauna, stretching, working out, hiking; are all good examples of self-care that can improve your mind, body, and emotional well-being. Most self-care techniques help you manage your mental health and can reduce stress.

On the other hand acts of selfishness tend to make you feel worse, even if they feel good for a moment or two. Here are some ways to treat yourself to a healthy dose of self-care and leave selfishness out of the equation.

1. Reverse the damage to your hands caused by harsh environments


Younger looking hands

Transform your hands with a “hand-mask” collagen treatment. Masks aren’t just for the face anymore, you can get a collagen treatment for your hands now, too! So-called hand masks are an effective way to stimulate skin cells and boost collagen production. If you work with your hands or spend a lot of time outdoors, a hand mask can help nullify the environmental damage done by sun, dryness, and general exposure.

2. Help sore, overworked, or injured muscles recover faster

Man getting sports massage

Get a deep tissue massage. Typically viewed as a sort of super-massage, deep tissue employs more deliberate, slower hand movements to help sore or injured muscles recover faster. But, even if you’re not injured, a deep tissue massage can be a wonderful way to make you feel better all over, and down deep.

3. Illuminate your face and reduce uneven skin tones

Add a Mandarin brightening peel enhancement to your facial. This facial add-on is a wondrous way to treat yourself. It not only makes your facial skin look clear and smooth but promotes exfoliation naturally and can reduce the appearance of sunspots and other discolorations.

4. Shape up your body and reduce the look of cellulite naturally

Get a Bio-slimming body wrap. Here’s a self-care treat that promotes firmness and fat-burning in a natural, rapid way. It actually helps shrink fat cells and promotes circulation at the same time.

5. Give your tired, overworked feet a break

Unleash the power of a hand and foot reflexology session. For the ultimate massage add-on, a hand and foot reflexology can make tired fingers, toes, palms, heels, and arches feel like new. This ancient treatment regimen offers a deep-down soothing effect for tired, overworked feet and hands.  You can also learn how to give a great foot massage with these simple instructions.

Upping Your Self Care Game

The great thing about self-care is you can do a lot of it on your own. Because it feels so good, it’s easy to stay motivated to create healthy daily habits. Occasionally, it’s wise to seek out professionals who make it their business to deliver excellent massages, facials, and other services. That’s what the team at Elixir Mind Body Massage does for everyone who walks through the door.

Whether you want something special like a trigger point massage, a rejuvenating facial, body contouring treatment, or a hot sauna treatment, we have the experts who can get the job done. Visit Elixir Mind Body Massage for more information about products and services, or stop by our studio at 1518 Wazee Street, Suite A, Denver, Colorado, 80202.

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