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About Colorado Pet Pantry

We support eight food bank partners, serving each neighborhood once per month with the goal of ensuring that all families in a neighborhood have the resources to consistently feed their pets, keeping them out of shelters.

The work behind the scenes includes soliciting pet food donations, storing the pet food, increasing awareness of the pet food bank, engaging volunteers, and distributing the donated/discounted pet food to families-in-need with pets during multiple monthly pet food banks in the Denver/Boulder-metro area.

We partner and distribute directly out of “human” food banks because 1) they have an established relationship with the neighborhood, 2) we can leverage their administrative processes and their buildings, and 3) the availability of pet food helps to ensure that the already limited “human” food is reserved for the humans and pets receive balanced meals.

Colorado Pet Pantry located in the Denver Metro Area and Boulder, provides food to over 11,000 pets through local food banks.

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