SPA Is Where the Heart Is

Your clients probably still enjoy a Valentine’s Day package with a romantic side-by-side couples massage, champagne and a rose. It’s a classic, and for good reason. But consider kicking up creativity a bit for this sweetheart’s holiday and offer your lovebirds something that can strengthen their relationship beyond skin deep.

One way to bring couples together in a deeper way is through their chakras, or points of spiritual power in the body. Elixir Mind Body Massage in Denver, Colo., offers a Chakras Couples Massage (60 minutes, $199), which provides both physical and mental relaxation while supporting a positive energetic connection. They use very specific essential oil blends and crystals associated with the heart, throat and sacral chakras for this massage.

For example, the heart chakra (chakra 4) relates to the giving and receiving of love and the expression of feelings, so they use lemon, bergamot, orange, sandalwood, and geranium.“ This provides a sense of joy and happiness, relaxes the body, lifts mood and has uplifting effects that aid with depression, anxiety and anger,” says Elixir Mind Body Massage founder Sandy Stroehmann. “And we use the rose quartz crystal — the love stone — here because it helps open the heart to true love and friendship and the essential oil blend is relaxing and brings a sense of joy and happiness.”

For the throat chakra (chakra 5), which relates to the power of communication, Stroehmann explains that they use bergamot, cypress, spearmint and peppermint because it cleanses the respiratory system and increases confidence, which helps with communication issues. The celestine crystal is incorporated because it’s a crystal of peace that stimulates intuitive communication, and the essential oil blend increases confidence.

The sacral chakra (chakra 2) relates to sexuality, emotional balance, procreation and relationships. The citrine crystal is used because it’s the stone for abundance and raises self-esteem. The essential oil blend for this is orange, sandalwood, bergamot, and clary sage. “It’s a mild aphrodisiac and boosts libido, brings a feeling of joy and happiness, and stimulates confidence, hope, and mental strength,” Stroehmann says.

“By combining energy work, aromatherapy, crystals and massage all based around these three important chakras for a good relationship, we felt we could create a unique couples therapy that would not only feel amazing but could also strengthen their connection,” she adds.