Lunch Time Spa Treatments

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Let’s do lunch! Spas are catering to busy professionals and working moms by coming up with lunchtime, express treatments to serve their skin care needs in 30 minutes or less. Shorter treatments squeezed in between meetings or after dropping the kids off for activities have become so popular that many spas have created full lunchtime menus to serve the needs of this special client. Here are five great lunchtime menus…

Lunch Time Facials Menu

Avora Skin Spa British Columbia, Canada

Avora Skin Spa has gone with a yummy food theme for their Lunch Time Facials menu, which features four 30-minute facials for $70 each, including Strawberry Smoossy Facial, Chocolate Bliss Facial, Avocado Whipped Cream Facial, and Skin Performance “Crash” Kur.

“This menu is inspired by ‘delicious’ active ingredients to meet demands of different skin types and to show that skin also needs ‘lunch.’ The Avocado Whipped Cream Facial is best for sensitive, dry skin to nourish and protect it. Chocolate Bliss Facial vitalizes and stimulates dull, tired skin and Strawberry Smoossy Facial refreshes and gives a glow, which is also great for combination skin,” says spa director Olga Goroupitch.