Get​ Stoned

About the Deep Heat Hot Stone Massage

Heat therapy is combined with Arnica Oil and unique stone tools and techniques designed to promote better blood flow and circulation to provide effective relief for muscle pain. Therapists utilize a deep, therapeutic pressure both with the stones and traditional manual massage to ensure that you are eased into a state of relaxation, and left with lasting benefit to sore, tight or spasming muscles. Perfect as a recovery massage from muscle exertion or tension relief from stress.

Guest Rates

60 Minutes $100
90 Minutes $140

Member Rates

60 Minutes $85
90 Minutes $120

+15 minutes to massage time $25
+30 minutes to massage time $50

Facial Reflexology
+15 minutes to massage time $25
+30 minutes to massage time $55

Dry Brushing
+15 minutes to massage time $30

Mineral Magic Facial
+30 minutes to massage time $55

Fit Face Lift
+30 minutes to massage time $55

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