The Divine Spine & Body Elixir

About the Essential Balance Specialty Massage

Harness the incredible healing powers of essential oils in this amazing treatment! Specific oils chosen for their ability to reduce stress and inflammation, detoxify and equalize the body are applied in conjunction with specialized massage techniques designed to heal and harmonize. An Elixir Organic Mineral Mud Mask is applied along the spine as a derivative, to increase the benefits and absorption of the oils into the body’s delivery systems. Enjoy Reflexology for the hands and feet that will affect the whole body and promote wellness. Prepare to feel renewed, balanced and euphoric following this uniquely Elixir service! Make this service really special by adding an additional 30 minutes of massage time or a 30 minute Steam Finale Enhancement.

Guest Rates

60 Minutes $100

Member Rates

60 Minutes $85

+15 minutes to massage time $25
+30 minutes to massage time $50

Facial Reflexology
+15 minutes to massage time $25
+30 minutes to massage time $50

Dry Brushing
+15 minutes to massage time $30

Hot Stone Enhancement
+15 minutes to massage time $25

Mineral Magic Facial
+30 minutes to massage time $55

Fit Face lift
+30 minutes to massage time $55

Steam Enhancement
+30 minutes to massage time $60

Call us at (303) 571-4455 to schedule an appointment over the phone, or request an appointment online using the form below.

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