Meet Our Massage Therapist Hillary

Hi everyone!

I’m Hillary and I am one of the Lead Massage Therapist’s here to Elixir Mind Body Massage. Check out why I love massage and book an appointment with me today!

Why Massage?

I grew up with a lot of anxiety and stress. In my adult life, seeing a chiropractor three times a week was essential to relieve the headaches I was living with every waking moment. I entered into a career in interior design, and after about ten years, I became exhausted with a profession that left me feeling as though I wasn’t contributing to the world in the ways I was intending to make an impact. My creativity was being directed, and what I was doing for my clients felt shallow. With the anxiety, stress, headaches, and feelings of a desire for deeper contribution, I decided to try my hand at massage. I was in a position where my life needed major change; a transition into a direction that felt more in alignment with what I wanted to create in the world. During, through and after massage school, I realized how important this work was in respect to my body, my mind, and my ability to cope. My headaches disappeared, my anxiety became manageable, and the difference I was making in the lives of my clients was special. Being a therapist gives me a chance to practice active meditation in each session, focusing on my client, calming my mind and my energy, and really contributing to the structural and emotional well-being of the people receiving. In order for our desires to be realized, as well as take care of ourselves, our families, and our passions, we must operate from a supported, nourished base. Massage is key in maintaining our health, our sanity, and our ability to devote energy outward.

Why Elixir?

Elixir cares. When I decided to start working for a company and transition out of operating my own business, I knew it was important for me to work in an environment that had class, was professional, and compassionate. We put a lot of energy into our clients as therapists, and feeling supported in business and in life is pertinent to feeling balanced, as well as being able to offer the best of ourselves in our work. Sandy, the owner of Elixir, is present, involved, cares a great deal about her business, her employees, and her clients. A small business makes a huge difference in the quality of service and care, and the environment here is one that allows me to feel extremely positive about going into work every day and really showing up for my clientele. The team of employees is encouraging, uplifting, and supportive, and the clients are consistent, committed to their therapeutic plans, appreciative, and look forward to being here. We do here, what matters. Elixir is straight forward, specific, relaxing, inviting, and dedicated to providing an experience that enhances your life.