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Couple’s Power Hour Recovery Combo

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Recover Together

Don’t let sore muscles, range of motion issues, or injuries stop you from participating in your favorite activities.

Enjoy time together in our couples room and private sauna by combining the benefits of a 30-minute Normatec Leg Treatment and a 30-minute Pain Relief Sauna for a high-performance power hour of relaxation and recovery.


Normatec Leg Compression Treatment

The Normatec treatment uses dynamic air compression to create a wave-like restorative leg and foot massage that is shown to increase circulation, soothe your sore muscles, and help you feel refreshed faster.

Infrared SaunaNormatec Leg treatment being used

Elixir’s pain relief sauna session emits the optimal blend of infrared wavelengths to penetrate tissues providing natural pain relief by reducing inflammation and swelling.

couple in infrared sauna

1 hour $50 each

Valid Through June 2022.

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