Normatec Recovery Treatment

Technology Designed For The Human Body

Amplify the benefits of your massage or CryoSlimming treatments or as a stand-alone pre or post-exercise treatment with a Normatec Recovery Session.  Warm up and recover like never before from either your routine training or high-level competition. The Normatec uses dynamic air compression to create a restorative massage that is shown to increase circulation and help you feel refreshed faster.

The Normatec patented Pulse massage pattern includes a unique digitally controlled calibration phase that molds the attachments to your body, guaranteeing a custom fit and perfectly precise pressure each session.

  • Reduces muscle soreness and pain
  •  Improves blood flow and circulation
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Decreases markers of muscle breakdown
  • Flushes out metabolites post-exercise or post CryoSlimming treatment or massage


  • 30-minute service is best for recovery from a moderate workout, or add-on to deep tissue massage.  Can be booked as a stand-alone service or enhancement.
  • 60-minute service is best for post-recovery after an intense workout or event (marathon or race).  Should be booked as a stand-alone service or as part of a package.

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30 minutes - $30
60 minutes - $60
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