CBD Hydrojelly Facial

Naturally Soothing

Featuring CBD as the star ingredient, this truly unique service focuses on a combination of warm and cold temperature therapies to oxygenate and soothe the skin. A variety of lymphatic drainage and pressure point massage is performed to balance the skin and your mood. Your skin will be enveloped in Elixir’s concentrated 500 mg CBD facial oil and a 1,000 mg CBD hydro-jelly mask, which is sure to be a restorative solution for all skin types.  Redness and irritation are alleviated. Consider this as a topical IV for your skin’s health.

All skin types including sensitive skin and Rosacea

A private consultation with an Elixir Esthetician is included with each service to determine your skin type and to address your primary skin concern. 


Guest Rates

Elixir’s award winning team provides the link between feeling good and being well at an affordable rate.
75 Minutes - $150
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Facial Enhancements

Intensify and customize your facial experience with our Facial Enhancements

Each facial is personalized for individual guests’ needs. Whether you are visiting to take care of a specific skin concern or you just want to relax and feel pampered; we can provide the experience you’re looking for. Personalize your facial with our unique add-ons we like to call our Facial Enhancements.

Collagen Hand Mask

15 minutes, ranging from $20-$25

Eye Mask Facial Enhancement

No extra time needed, ranging from $20-$25

High Frequency Facial Enhancement

Lasting 15 minutes, ranging from $20-$25

Mandarin Brightening Peel Enhancement

Lasting 15 minutes, ranging from $20-$25