The Elixir AntiVirus

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Aromatherapy and Lymphatic Massage-there’s no better way to stay healthy this season. This treatment starts with a full body Aromatherapy massage, including Dry Brushing to stimulate lymph circulation, Reflexology for your hands and feet, and very specific Essential oils with a mud mask for more effective absorption to promote respiratory health and muscle comfort.

This is followed by an aromatic herbal steam, which provides flushing and soothing benefits for your skin, lymph and muscles all while you enjoy a relaxing lymphatic facial massage to gently ease away any potential sinus or headache pain. This service will leave you blissfully grounded yet energized. You’ll sleep better and feel great! Stay healthy this winter with this powerful service.

The Elixir Anti-Virus Package is seasonal, and offered from September through March.

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90 Minutes - $190
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