Super Protective Skin Serum: ARCONA Desert Mist

As an Esthetician I am constantly researching and trying out new products. Consumers can easily get overwhelmed by all the options in this industry, and often times people choose the wrong products for their skin type or condition because one package looks prettier than the other. You wouldn’t believe how many clients that think they have acne or dry skin, when the issue turns out to be something completely different.

I may be slightly biased because ARCONA is our skin care line at Elixir, but as I’ve stated before, I try EVERYTHING, and I would never honestly advocate for a product simply because it’s the one I use in my treatment room.  I come across all skin types, textures and races and I have no bias when treating the fundamental need or desire for skin health, and I will not suggest something new if what you are already using is working for you.

I will always recommend products that will help you achieve your goals and I could not have found a better product to introduce to you than Desert Mist.  I am obsessed!  Desert Mist is a unique product intended to act as an extra barrier of protection for the skin. It’s a supplement to sunscreen, not a replacement for it, that seals the skin against pollution, weather, chemicals and free radicals while maintaining moisture in your skin.

Colorado’s harsh dry climate can be extremely taxing for the skin and being at such a high altitude leaves us extra exposed to the sun’s rays. We have also been on an ozone alert due to the numerous fires and smoke for weeks which adds another layer of potential risk of free radical damage to the dermis. Desert Mist is a product to be layered underneath your sunscreen, as additional protection from the elements and is ideal for dehydrated, dry and lackluster skin. Preventative skin care such as Desert Mist is essential when wanting to achieve healthy skin long term, and this product is an excellent way to ensure proper care. Another impressive benefit is that this product is also a wonderful primer for makeup and leaves the skin feeling, soft, protected and slightly dewy. As with all ARCONA products, a little goes a long way, so be sure not to over use.


Facial services can be incredibly helpful when navigating the path to healthier, more youthful skin.  It gives you a chance to try out a variety of new products and to get a professional’s opinion about your skin and the most effective products for you.  Estheticians are trained to help you choose the right products specifically for your skin type and concerns and this is one of my specialties.  I am happy to take the time to consult with and educate every guest about what to use and how to use it for the best results.  If you are looking for a whole new skin care regimen or just want to fill some holes in your current skincare routine, book a facial and we can discover, together, the way to your best skin.


Alyson is a professionally trained and Colorado licensed esthetician since 2006.

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