19 Spa experiences to help you relax this winter

As winter, the holidays, and ski season loom, your weekends start to fill with mountains, travel…and agonizing hours in I-70 traffic. You need—no, deserve—a way to untie those weekend-warrioring (and workday) knots. Luckily, the vast number of relaxing spas near Denver means this is one activity that requires little car time.

We’ve uncovered 19 local experiences to fit your needs, whether you’re picky about your nail polish or looking to soothe tired muscles, so you can find your refuge—maybe even right down the street.

Elixir Mind Body Massage

You Need… A Quick Fix

We’re all for hourlong—hell, even daylong—doses of pampering. But sometimes life gets in the way and all you’ve got the time (and budget) for is a quick fix before your iPhone beeps with your next appointment reminder. Enter Elixir Mind Body Massage. The LoDo spa’s 15- to 30-minute chair massages focus on the upper body, where we office drones tend to store our stress. You’ll remain fully clothed and free of any creams or oils, but you’ll still get the same professional service. And, and, if you sign up for a membership ($444 for six months, $828 for a year, or $79 every 30 days on a month-to-month basis), you’ll get two of the shorter rubdowns each month. When your 15 minutes of knot-untying is over, Elixir’s convenient LoDo location means you can run right back to the office. Or—might we suggest—to happy hour.