A Private Wellness Retreat

About the Steam Embrace Massage

Steam, Aromatherapy and massage-there’s no better way to relax both mentally and physically. This treatment starts with a customized massage. We then lower the steam canopy over your body as you lay on the table and it fills with an aromatic steam, which provides healing and soothing benefits to your skin and muscles. Enjoy a face and scalp massage to gently ease away any lingering tensions and leave you blissfully relaxed. Select from the expertly paired herbal and essential oil Aromatherapy combinations that best suit your needs for extraordinary results.

Guest Rates

60 Minutes $115
90 Minutes $150

Member Rates

60 Minutes $100
90 Minutes $135

Specialty Oils
No additional time $10

Hot Stone Enhancement
+15 minutes to massage time $25

+15 minutes to massage time $25
+30 minutes to massage time $50

Facial Reflexology
+15 minutes to massage time $25
+30 minutes to massage time $50

Call us at (303) 571-4455 to schedule an appointment over the phone, or request an appointment online using the form below.

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