Time For A Tune Up

About the Overhaul Massage

Treat repetitive strain, prevent injury, increase endurance and promote recovery- all in this intensive therapy treatment. Combining the efficacy of sports massage and the precision of physical therapy with traditional massage technique, this body overhaul includes passive stretching, reflexology and soft cupping with the aim of achieving impressive results. 60 minutes is devoted to your choice of upper or lower body, or opt for 2 hours and treat the whole body. Muscle Rx gel is applied to provide instant relief and curative action.

Guest Rates

60 Minutes (Upper Body) $99
60 Minutes (Lower Body) $99
2 Hours (Full Body) $189

Member Rates

60 Minutes (Upper Body) $84
60 Minutes (Lower Body) $84
2 Hours (Full Body) $159

Specialty Oils
No additional time $19

+15 minutes to massage time $24
+30 minutes to massage time $49

Face and Scalp Massage
+15 minutes to massage time $24
+30 minutes to massage time $49

Hot Stone Enhancement
+15 minutes to massage time $24

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