The Teamwork Of Two

Twice as nice in half the time!

Why settle for two hands when you can have four? This has been described as 2 hours of massage performed in just 60 minutes – perfect for the time crunched. One therapist massages your upper body while the second works on your lower body. Midway through the session, the therapists switch places so you receive a full body massage from both. The 90 minute service includes Reflexology for the hands and feet and Facial Reflexology.

Guest Rates

60 Minutes $175
90 Minutes $260

Member Rates

60 Minutes $155
90 Minutes $230

Mineral Magic Facial
+30 minutes to massage time $55

Soft Cupping
+15 minutes to massage time $25

Hot Stone Enhancement
+15 minutes to massage time $25

Dry Brushing
+15 minutes to massage time $30

Fit Face Lift
+30 minutes to massage time $55

Call us at (303) 571-4455 to schedule an appointment over the phone, or request an appointment online using the form below.

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