What is a Chakra?

Ancient yogic traditions teach that there are seven chakras or energy centers in our body. Each of these chakras has a vibrational frequency in the universe which influences our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. When they become blocked, we can experience illness including poor mental and spiritual health. When our chakras are aligned with the universal flow of energy, every aspect of our life becomes harmonious and joyful. We reclaim our health and our appreciation and passion for life are renewed.

Why do you need to balance your chakras?

Try thinking about your chakras as you would your car.  You need to keep the engine tuned, replace fluids, and align and balance the wheels. The same is true for our chakras.  When one (or more) is out of alignment or blocked, it can throw you off emotionally, spiritually and physically; and as the other energy centers take on more, they become less efficient. When your chakras are in sync and working together as a whole, you have a healthy flow of energy and you feel more confident, stable and physically robust.

How do you align chakras that are out of balance?

There are a number of ways to unblock and balance your chakras. Aromatherapy, meditation, affirmations, color therapy and energy work can all have an impact; used alone or together.  In the Elixir Chakra Massage, all of these techniques are used in a single 60-minute session for the third eye, heart and sacral chakra.

Tell me more…

Chakra Music for Meditation – Spotify Playlist

The music in this playlist addresses each of the seven Chakras and includes a Chakra balancing and cleansing meditation as well.

Root Chakra

Survival and Trust – Earth Element – Red – Affirmation: I am safe

Elixir Essential Oil Blend:

Ginger: Helps with sadness

Basil – Supports mental strength and clarity

Peppermint – Provides relief from stress and mental exhaustion

Myrrh – Strengthens the whole body

Frankincense – Brings about feelings of peace and relaxation

Sacral Chakra:

Abundance, Confidence, and Creativity – Water Element – Orange – Affirmation: I am creative

Elixir Essential Oil Blend:

Orange: Stimulates Happiness

Sandalwood: Relaxation, focus, inspiration

Bergamot: Provides feelings of joy, uplifting

Clary Sage: Stimulates confidence, hope, and mental strength

This blend is used in the Elixir Chakra Massage

Solar Plexus Chakra:

Power and Self Confidence – Fire Element – Yellow – Affirmation: I am powerful

Elixir Essential Oil Blend:

Grapefruit: Boosts immune system

Spearmint: Restorative

Ginger: Helps with inflammation and digestion

Clove: Boost the immune system and helps with infection

Cypress: Helps to regulate bodily fluids

Rosemary: Stimulate the digestive system

Heart Chakra:

Compassion and Connection – Air Element – Green – Affirmation: I am loved

Elixir Essential Oil Blend:

Lemon: Cleansing

Bergamot: Brings feelings of joy, uplifting

Orange: Stimulates happiness

Sandalwood: Helps eliminate depression, provides inspiration

Geranium: Uplifting for the mind, reduces anxiety and anger

This blend is used in the Elixir Chakra Massage

Throat Chakra:

Communication and Self Expression – Sound Element – Blue – Affirmation: I am expressive

Elixir Essential Oil Blend:

Bergamot – Helps to increase feelings of confidence

Cypress: Helps with concentration

Spearmint: Helps to relax the muscles so they can rest

Peppermint: Helps clear the respiratory tract

Third Eye Chakra:

Thought, Intuition and Dreams – Light Element – Indigo – Affirmation: I am intuitive

Elixir Essential Oil Blend:

Lemon: Positive, helps clear mental fatigue

Lemongrass: Soothes and calms the mind

Lavender: Reduces anxiety

Geranium: Uplifting for the mind and reduces anxiety and anger

Clary Sage: Stimulates feelings of euphoria

This blend is used in the Elixir Chakra Massage

Crown Chakra:

Connection to the divine, wisdom, spirituality, and imagination – Thought Element – Purple – Affirmation: I am divine

Elixir Essential Oil Blend:

Cedar-wood: A tonic for the entire body

Lavender: Calming effect on nervous exhaustion and restlessness

Frankincense: Brings about feelings of peace and relaxation

Sandalwood: Clears the mind of stress and sadness

Basil: Good for mental fatigue to help bring clarity

Interested in experience the bliss from a chakra balancing for yourself?

Contact Elixir to reserve your Chakra Massage for couples or individuals.

Please note this is a seasonal package and is only available in February and March.