Fight the Signs of Aging and Restore a Radiant Glow, Naturally

Embrace Your Face

Facial massage is adapted to the smaller muscles and thinner skin of the face with techniques that will plump, firm and stimulate circulation. Lymphatic drainage also reduces puffiness caused by excess fluids and specific targeted massage alleviates facial tension that not only improves aesthetics but also mitigates headaches. Elixir’s Mineral skincare line, including the fabulous exfoliating mud mask, is naturally infused with over 80 trace minerals and elements to balance the skin and perfect radiant health.

Guest Rates

30 Minutes $69
60 Minutes (with Facial Elixir) $118

Member Rates

30 Minutes $59
60 Minutes (with Facial Elixir) $100

The Elixir Massage
+60 minutes $89
+75 minutes $109
+90 minutes $129
+120 minutes $169

The Essential Balance
+60 minutes $99

PreNatal Massage
+60 minutes $99
+90 minutes $139

Deep Heat Hot Stone Massage
+60 minutes $99
+90 minutes $139

Duet Massage
+60 minutes $169
+90 minutes $253

BioSlimming Wrap
+90 minutes $149

+15 minute Free Consultation Complimentary
+75 minute Initial Treatment $109
+30 minute Express Enhancement $59
+60 minute Subsequent Treatment $89

Call us at (303) 571-4455 to schedule an appointment over the phone, or request an appointment online using the form below.

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