Why ChooseElixir Mind Body Massage?

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Editor’s Choice Spa: 5280 Top of the Town

Yes, this place is located across the street from 5280‘s offices, but convenience isn’t why we love it. Elixir goes beyond the quick tension-fix to total nirvana. It isn’t a full-service spa, but let’s be honest: Massage therapy is the focal point of any spa day anyway. Choose from 13 massages that can be combined with 11 enhancements, such as aromatherapy, a sugar scrub, lavender steam, and dry brushing, and mix and match from the menu for a different spa experience every time you go—which will be often.

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Spa Report: Elixir Mind Body Massage

First impressions: Cozy and inviting on a chilly spring day, Elixir’s small relaxation room has a comfy couch and an abundance of hot tea varieties, which welcoming staff prepare right after draping you with a hot, cinnamon-and-clove-filled neck towel. Amenities: Elixir is a cool and stylish — think standard LoDo — massage house rather than a spa. There is no steam room or Jacuzzi, just a set of lovely treatment rooms (including one where the steam comes to you as you’re massaged) and a relaxation lounge.

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Closed businesses open opportunities in market

Sandy Stroehmann knew for months that the recession would claim at least one of her competitors in the massage business, and when one closed, she was ready to act.
Stroehmann, founder of Elixir massage spa at 1518A Wazee St., announced last month that she would honor gift certificates from Revive Spa after it closed its downtown location. The move would cost her business money initially, she said, but it will help pay off in the long run.

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